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Lil Wayne Begins Life After Cash Money With ‘Sorry 4 The Wait 2′ Mixtape

Lil Wayne Begins Life After Cash Money With ‘Sorry 4 The Wait 2′ Mixtape

Remember when Lil Wayne’s mixtape releases were a source of unbridled anticipation? Not only did they serve as highlight reels of Weezy’s lyrical dexterity and uncanny wit, but also heatmaps of hip hop—who had the hottest hits and who was making the best beats. Track by track, he showed the song’s original artist how to body a beat while simultaneously giving its producer some shine. From “Upgrade” to “Poke Her Face,” Wayne provided fans with the best bars in hip hop, free of charge. However, since dropping Dedication 4 back in September of 2012, Lil Wayne’s mixtape releases have been more like a fandom heat check; a barometer of whether or not it’s socially acceptable to vocalize acknowledgement of his output.

If there’s any fervent anticipation for Lil Wayne’s new mixtape, Sorry 4 The Wait 2, it’s from those who are curious to see if how he addresses his brewing beef stew with Cash Money co-founder Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams. Well, they’re in luck. From the opening track, “CoCo,” Wayne lets listeners know, nobody puts Weezy in a corner, not even Baby.

This mixtape is clearly the beginning of a new chapter for Lil Wayne. And since we don’t want to ruin the ending for you, we’ll simply leave you with this line: I’m sippin’ lean outta glass nigga / All I got is Young Money, no more Cash nigga.

SPOILER ALERT: For the casual listeners looking for noteworthy tracks, skip to “Shit,” “Used To” featuring Drake, “Hot Nigga,” “HollyWeezy,” “Preach” featuring 2 Chainz, “No Haters,” “Admit It” featuring SNL, and “Dreams Nightmares.”

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