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Lil TerRio’s New Music Video Gets Stupid

Lil TerRio’s New Music Video Gets Stupid

What did I just watch…..

Vine star Lil TerRio has a new music video and an upcoming album. Do you remember him dropping a single verse since his launch into Internet stardom? Nope. He hasn’t graduated from the 1st grade either… Yeah, we’re as confused as you are. And guess who’s trying to sign him? DJ Khaled.

According to Jesse Edwards, the publicist manning Lil TerRio’s upcoming project, “the management are behind [the album]. They’re trying to capitalize in any way possible. The kid is 6-years old, he doesn’t know what is going on. But he does like rapping. And these ideas for the Vines, these creative ideas, that’s all him.”

Shot in Miami, with a bunch of no-name rappers, and terrible dancers, Lil TerRio sashays around for the camera in pleather jogging pants. He looks real sweaty. Watch the music video for “Oooh Killem” in the player above.

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  • Helen Keller

    I think it would be best if you all just killed yourselves.