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Lil Herb drops No DJ Version of “Welcome to Fazoland”

Lil Herb drops No DJ Version of “Welcome to Fazoland”




Lil Herb‘s Welcome To Fazoland was one of the best mixtapes of 2013. Despite attempts to label it, it was so much more than just “drill” or “trap”. Dude raps like Clearasil – “clean, clear and under control” – so that even a feature (from someone who isn’t Lil Bibby, at least) is just straight up distracting.

With DJ drops moving from free mixtapes to commercial records – “Mustard on the beat hoe” – no DJ versions aren’t always that necessary. Except for this. You can download the no DJ version of Fazoland right now with two bonus tracks. The first is a K Dot-sampling banger called “Everyday in Chicago.” The second is a “Sunglasses At Night” rework called “At Night ft. Lil Bibby.” So enjoy some real rap with no unnecessary additives because lord knows rap like this doesn’t come around that often these days…

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