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Lil B “Katy Perry”

Lil B “Katy Perry”

If you don’t know, get familiar. That #CURSEOFTHEBASEDGOD is real, just ask Durant and his seemingly ill fated Thunder cohorts. That’s not the point though, The BASEDGOD has bestowed upon us “Call Me Katy Perry.” A track described by Perry herself as a “lovely #rare lullaby.”

Katy Perry Screenshot Saluting Lil B and his latest track


Sticking to the #Based aesthetic, we’re gifted with a video from Lil B that is a collage of fine females, footage of the #TaskForce in full revelry mode, and of course the man himself enjoying the company of a lovely lady.

A sonic tribute to “girls that kiss girls” coupled with an aggressive hook, “Katy Perry” is another gem from Lil B’s Hoop Life. It looks like Durant’s post-season is on the brink of collapse. Will Lil B’s new song be the final twist of the wrist of Kevin Durant’s “Kalima”? Only time will tell.


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