LENZ II Trailer

Watch Japanese rippers flex their imaginative skateboard skills in the brand new trailer for LENZ II.

The cinematography and skateboard talent of the Far East gets its respective shine on again thanks to the upcoming LENZ II skate film. When Japanese director Shinpei Ueno released the original LENZ back in 2009 he knew there were so many more skaters that he wanted to include in the progressive project. The veteran cinematographer describes it as an “eclectic mix of styles” and judging from the trailer, he’s spot on. The upcoming film will feature over 180 skaters including Shota Kikuchi, Kota Ikeda, Hiroki Muraoka, Issey Yumiba. The point is to innovate, not necessarily compete, explains Seimi Miyahara, “Look at skate history, I think it’s difficult to catch up with American pros, but I believe there are video expression[s] that only [the] Japanese can do.”

LENZ II premieres this coming October with respective screenings in Osaka, Tokyo, and Sendai.

Skateboarding Japan Trick Ollie Night City Lenz II

Japan Skateboarding Pop Trick Ollie Lenz II

Skateboarding Flip Trick Night Japan

Nose Dope Lenz II Skateboarding

Japan Poster Osaka Tokyo Sendai

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