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Lenny Cooke’s Deflated Hoop Dreams Documentary

Lenny Cooke’s Deflated Hoop Dreams Documentary

The early 2000’s ushered in an unprecedented NBA era of straight-from-high-school (and  partially collegiate) phenoms. Some of which eventually have become the basketball royalty that fans watch explode on the hardwood today, dudes like Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. But you know what they say about success stories, for every few that triumph, hundreds have lost along the way.

Nobody knows the feeling more vividly than then-proposed draft hopeful Lenny Cooke. A new documentary about the basketball prodigy’s fall from grace takes an in-depth look at how the hype surrounding his 2002 early draft entry turned into draft hopelessness. It’s currently showing at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival (check out our guide to it here).


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