Lego Jason Freeny

Lego Men of Jason Freeny’s Moistproduction

The toy sculpture by the New York artist shows another layer to Lego art.

Jason Freeny Lego Trio

The exterior of Lego’s figurines is known to change with the licensing of pop culture franchises like Star Wars, and Batman. Rarely do we get to picture their insides the way New Yorker, Jason Freeny does carving out one half of their body exposing their skeletal structure. Kaws is another notable figure of the art world doing similar cut-outs through his Companion series. Freeny’s 18″ tall Lego men follow other dissections like his Dunny-like vinyl toy, and his take on Muno part of Biz Markie’s Yo Gabba Gabba peeps. The Lego men aren’t on sale yet on his Moistproduction website, but a bunch of other dissected sculptures, and his prints can be purchased. Check ’em out here.

Lego Jason Freeny sculpture

Lego Men Jason Freeny Moistproduction

Lego Jason Freeny

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