Bobby Shmurda Pointing

The Legend of Bobby Shmurda and the Shmoney Dance

Perfect for any occasion and genre of music.

East Flatbush, Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda and the music video for his track “Hot Nigga” have been making waves, but a certain dance in the video, the Shmoney Dance to be exact, stole the show. Nah, this isn’t “Crank That” or some bullshit like that. This dance requires a certain amount of finesse usually reserved for someone’s drunk-ass uncle at a family barbeque. The legendary move can be seen in the player above at 2:19.

This dance is so timeless that you can place any type of music over it, and still get the greatness that is the Shmoney Dance. With that said, we’ve put together our favorite versions of Bobby Shmurda’s Shmoney dance.


Shmurda getting it to “Sweetest Taboo.” 



Oh boy. D’Angelo’s “Lady” gets the Shmoney treatment.


Come and talk to Shmurda. 

Shmurda is too nice with the Shmoney dance, to the point of being able to flex on ANY track. Even Joe Esposito’s “You’re The Best Around” from the Karate Kid Soundtrack.


Shmurda even has a sensual side. He wants the Shmoney to last forever. 

I bet M.I.A. didn’t think Bobby Shmurda would celebrate all that shmoney he spent on those Paper Planes like this.


The pinnacle of why this dance exists. Bobby clearly saw his uncles do the OG Shmoney dance to “Computer Love.” 

Imagine Bobby Shmurda in the middle of shooting the video for “Hot Nigga,” and suddenly bursting into the Shmoney dance to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Would You Mind.” We don’t think you’d mind at all.

Bobby Shmurda Pointing

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