Learn the art of Mixing With Young Guru

Learn the art of mixing with Young Guru and Skillshare.

Young Guru mix course

Yeah, you read that right. Legendary DJ, producer, and audio engineer Young Guru, who’s mixed albums for everyone from Jay-Z and Beyonce, to Kanye West and Drake, is taking his knowledge and expertise to the classroom.

Young Guru has teamed up with online learning platform, Skillshare, to teach a four part online course on the art of recording and mixing your own music. Guru’s class will focus on the essentials: organizing a mix, determining levels, adding effects and tonal balance. All you need to get started is Logic or Pro Tools, or if you’re poor like me, you can use Garageband.

The best part? There’s a SKILLSHARE x YOUNG GURU CONTEST!!! Once the class is completed, Guru and his crew will pick the 10 best mixed songs and provide a final mixed track courtesy of The Young Guru Mixing and Mastering House. The winner will also receive a pair of AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones Studio Engineered by Young Guru.

With the overwhelming number of bedroom producers emerging from just about every four post, this class couldn’t come at a better time. The enrollment fee for this class is only $20, so there’s no excuse to sleep on it, you know I’m not.

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