Last Chance to see Gorey, Horfe, and the PAL Crew “Palingenesis” at Klughaus Gallery

Head to Klughaus Gallery in the Lower East Side today for your last chance to see "Palingenesis" a group show featuring works by Gorey, Horfe, and the PAL Crew from Paris.


Today head to Klughaus Gallery’s pop-up space at 154 Stanton at Suffolk Street in the Lower East side for your last chance to catch Palingenesis, the group show featuring new works by Gorey, Horfe, and the PAL Crew from Paris. Consisting of Tomek, Cony, Saeyo, Mosa, Esso, and Skub, the PAL Crew’s loose, playful, abstract style is is translated from their graffiti on walls to thought provoking drawings that capture the same spirit. This is the first time that the whole PAL Crew has exhibited together, and perhaps the only opportunity to catch them all under one roof in New York City.

Photography by Cindy Bencosme for Klughaus Grallery.

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