Agenda Tradeshow California Long Beach

Larry Perkins Trolls The Crap Out Of Agenda Show

Unbeknownst to many groms and skate rats under 30, is the legend of Larry Perkins. Product of the pre-blog and pre-interwebs era where mofos had to actually read and snag a lot of their skate knowledge from printed material, “Lil Playa” aka “LP” aka “Likes People,” or just about any prankster-worthy name that he’d like to come up with for himself, is the god of skateboard trolling. Renowned for his work with Big Brother Magazine and his infamous prank calls on skateboarders and other skate magazines alike, the once “fictional” Perkins made a very real appearance (played by Mike Sinclair) at the recent Agenda Trade show over in Long Beach, California. Watch as he pesters the hell out of a few notable skate names like Kenny Anderson, Brian Anderson, Joey Brezinski, Jerson Wilson,¬†Nicky Diamonds, and a ton more of unsuspecting folks. Truly hilarious stuff!

Black Hummer Jeep Parking Lot California Agenda Tradeshow

California Agenda Long Beach Hat Sunglasses

CD Hat Sunglasses Skateboard California Agenda Show Long Beach

Agenda Long Beach Longboard Trade Show

Agenda Long Beach Trade Show Hat Sunglasses Joking Funny

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