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’90s Rap Group’s LAPD Stalker “Promo Video” Results in Arrests


One man has been arrested and cops are hunting down another after an Instagram video depicting an armed man following an LAPD officer went viral over this past week. The 15-second video shows a driver stopped behind a patrol car, then pans down to show that the man has a gun. The camera then pans back up to show an unidentified LAPD officer exiting the vehicle.

The video was picked up by local news, who warned of a police “stalker” hunting down cops, prompting LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to order all patrol cops to travel in pairs over the weekend. However, further investigation revealed that the video was not a threat to the LAPD, but a viral marketing campaign to launch a comeback single for a rap group popular in the ’90s.

“We don’t see a specific threat against any police officer,” Beck said in a press conference on Tuesday. “We believe, based on interviews, that the video was made not as a precursor to an attack on a police officer, but in a manner to support the credibility of the person in the video for a rap career.”

Toker, a member of BrownSide, who were signed to Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records in the ’90s, has confirmed that the Instagram video was indeed a promo for his group, who just released a comeback single, “Till the Casket Drops.” Toker said that his brother was the man following the cop in the video, and that the gun in question was only a plastic prop purchased specifically for the filming of the video.

Even though the gun was apparently fake, the LAPD have issued an arrest warrant for the man in the video for carrying a firearm in a vehicle, and have issued a search warrant for his home. According to Beck, the man also had a prior conviction for carrying a firearm in a vehicle. A “secondary suspect” allegedly involved in the video was arrested over the weekend on an unrelated outstanding warrant.

Check out Brownside’s “Till the Casket Drops” in the player above.