Land Rover 1964

Land Rover’s 64 Years in a New Virtual Magazine

The OG of SUVs is rollin' in their 6-4 (year). "Let me ride," is right.

Land Rover Magazine

We’re not sure what the retirement age is across the pond, but Land Rover has us thinking it’s not 64. Fresh off a banner year which saw its new Range Rover Evoque winning more accolades than Adele at an awards show, the British brand continues to revel in its rightfully earned success. Powering onwards and upwards in pursuit of the century mark, it’s clear that nobody’s mailed them their AARP card—or perhaps they just drove right over it.

To help get you poor working souls through the day, we recommend you peep the marque’s latest online promotional publication, aptly titled 64 Reasons to Love Land Rover. Flip through the virtual magazine, and even you non-car types will be treated to some visually delicious eye candy, centered around the brand’s penchant for adventure, luxury and world travel. There’s even some classic advertising to satiate all you Mad Men sweating hipsters. And you thought they were just for flossin’ and money exchanges.

Read it in it’s entirety here.

Land Rover Vintage

Land Rover 1964

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