A$AP Rocky Stars in Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem”

The American tragedy of JFK's death is re-imagined by director Anthony Mandler.

After a nearly seizure-inducing 4-minute trailer yesterday, the full video for Lana Del Rey’s “American Anthem” is upon us, starring herself as both Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and that pretty mothafucka A$AP Rocky as the charismatic John F. Kennedy.

Directed by Anthony Madler, music video director extraordinaire, the video takes us on a rather historically accurate nostalgic trip through the private romance of JFK and Jackie, depicting charming moments at their estate with family and friends (though one could say that some of the activities have been “adapted” to fit A$AP’s image, I highly doubt the President was on his knees in his office rolling dice with the homies…), right up the moment of his tragic assassination in Dallas.

Extremely well shot and lustrous, the video definitely showcases Lana Del Ray’s dreamy aesthetic, and also shows shades of her duality in playing both JFK’s well-known mistress Marilyn Monroe and loving wife Jackie Onassis. She essentially plays both the Madonna and the whore. This recurring motif in her music and visual work is what makes her so interesting, and Rocky’s seemingly effortless charms makes him the perfect co-star.

Lana Del Rey Video A$AP Rocky

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