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Lamborghini to Birdman: You are NOT the Daddy!

Lamborghini to Birdman: You are NOT the Daddy!


Last week was big for all of us here at Mass Appeal; so big, I almost missed the Internet goin’ nuts over Birdman’s rumored $1 mil Lamborghini Veneno deposit – ALMOST. You may recall our recent coverage of the latest hypercar out of Sant’Agata Bolognese, which included a snarky letter advising rappers to “Keep calm and rhyme about Gallardos”.

For a minute, it looked like the “#1 Stunner” stepped to me.


Yet despite the story being picked up by virtually every hip-hop media outlet – and even a couple of dedicated car sites – my bullshit filter held tight. Rather than say “Aww shucks, Bryan got me!” I figured I’d do some actual investigating. Over the weekend, after direct communications with my contact at Automobili Lamborghini’s official PR agency, I can report that “The rumor is not true.”

Elaborating to the extent that privacy and customer service standards allow, I was further informed that all three Venenos are indeed solidly spoken for: one to a buyer in Saudi Arabia, one to a New Yorker and the final to a Floridian. Floridian, ey? That last bit said, it wouldn’t shock me to see the car in a future Miami-based YMCMB video – but as for actually owning it? GTFOH, Birdman.

(This also should mean that trash-talker Jay Leno won’t be running his trap!)