Metta WorldPeace Cares About Childhood Obesity

Metta WorldPeace sends a special message to obese children. Say cheese, err, Queensbridge!

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Ron Artest is probably best known for being a tenacious defensive ball player. Well, that and a myriad of fist-supported offensives, most notable of which is the 2004 “Malice at the Palace” where he charged into the stands to attack a fan who threw a cola on him. And the kicker: he went after the wrong guy. 73 games off the court and several years later Metta WorldPeace was born. Besides providing an amazing jersey to cop, Metta shares goodwill with his almost half a million Twitter followers.

Artest’s new identity is heavily peppered with crazy, as reflected in his Twitter feed, but seems to be based on a newfound concern for humanity. Well, he might not care what you have to say, but he does want to share his tips and life lessons with you. From answering Twitter followers’ questions about a workout regimen for killer abs to providing relationship advice via his blog, Metta Worldpeace covers many bases.

This week Metta has enlisted one of his lovely blog selectors to share a new directive with us: Combating Childhood Obesity. He doesn’t want our kids to be fat so that they can avoid future diabetes, blood pressure and cancer issues. In addition, he wants us to hone in on the mental health repercussions of childhood obesity. That’s right y’all, a kid’s weight problems can lead to low self-esteem and depression. Help a big little guy out in times of need and give ’em a reassuring hand on their shoulder when they so desperately desire one.

Read an excerpt from WorldPeace’s blog below.

“Factors such as low-self esteem, depression and defiant behavior have all been common consequences of children with chronic obesity that can continue onto adulthood. Although the focus of physical education through nutrition classes, required exercise in the school system and doctor visits are beneficial ways to combat obesity, ignoring the mental health issues could repress any successful long term goals for the child. Another issue that is raising concerns for both children and their parents is bullying within the school system.”

Metta cares about your kids, y’all! He may even help you with a relationship quandry or two. Visit Metta’s blog for more thoughtful topics, and read the rest of his Childhood Obesity article here.

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