Premiere: Kyle Rapps Feat. Adrienne Mack-Davis “The Sky’s On Fire”

Chicken Little was wrong.

Kyle Rapps never puts his guard down. Known for spitting some of the realest bars in the underground scene, “The Sky’s On Fire” shows his consistency, lyricism, and devotion to real content. With some help from Adrienne Mack-Davis, Kyle Rapps explores the fears and uncertainty surrounding us and doesn’t miss a beat. With long time collaborator Belief on production – a dude responsible for some of Action Bronson, El-P, Ghostface and Talib Kweli’s beats – you know Kyle is aiming for the sky (be it burning or not) with this joint. Sit back and rock this shit to get inspired. “The Sky’s On Fire” is not for fuckboys!

Kyle Rapps The Sky's On Fire Premiere at Mass Appeal

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