Super Mario Game of Thrones

Koopa is Coming: Super Mario Game of Thrones

Finally, opening credits we're willing to sit through.

Sitting through the opening credits for Game of Thrones is painfully boring by the third time you’ve seen the show. Yes, we know there are slight changes in the map that provide small hints as to what will take place in the episode, but seriously— you’re going to find out what happens anyway. Skip that shit, and get to the good stuff: murder, dragons, and sex. Lots of sex.

However, if there’s one Game of Thrones opening credit montage we’re willing to sit through, it’s Nicksplosion FX’s Super Mario version. Going shot-for-shot with the original, the video takes viewers on a journey through the 8-bit kingdoms of Westeros Mario.

Check out Nicksplosion FX’s “Video Game of Thrones: Super Mario World” opening credits in the player above, and the side-by-side comparison with the original below.

Super Mario Game of Thrones

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