Jake Duncombe Drinking A Heineken Beer in Koonrun

Australians Aren’t Racist, They Just Skate Better Than You

Bros, boards, butts, and brews.

And frolic in the nude better than you. And shower in beer better than you. And hold hands together better than you. And drink their own piss better than you.

But, are they racist? Maybe. Who isn’t? That’s just an easy generalization, come on man! I just used the title to suck you in because folks here at Mass Appeal had a heated debate the other day about Aussie history being discriminatory against the indigenous Aborigine people, plus the British colonial invasion, etc., etc. All true. But this is skateboarding, not the fucking History Channel. Go do your own damn research!

Anyway. Yes, in this video, “Koonrun,” Australian bromies Jake Duncombe (one of my personal skate demigods ever since I saw him rip in Blind’s “What If” (2005), Blake Melbourne, Jackson Pilz, Jesse Noonan, and Kieren Reilly pretty much accomplished all of the things that testosterone-driven, fun-loving male skate scumbags all secretly dream of – they lived on the wild side. The crew went on an insane road trip around Australia and took no prisoners (and gave no fucks) whatsoever.

The result was a sweet article in Slam Skateboarding Magazine, and now this newly-released supplementary footage of it all. Fortunately for us, it captures all of the outrageous, NSFW shenanigans so that you can see pasty rear ends, be impressed by amazing skateboarding, and aroused by the whiff of tantalizing brew vomit. Rat Lord says, watch the full edit up top and enjoy!

Koonrun's Jake Duncombe Mooning The Camera

Jake Duncombe Getting Stopped By The Australian Police in Koonrun Footage

Jake Duncombe and Friends Celebrating With Beer in Koonrun Video

Skateboarding Drinking His Own Pee in Koonrun Video

Skateboarders Skipping And Holding Hands in Koorun Video

Jake Duncombe Drinking A Heineken Beer in Koonrun

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