Kool A.D drops a insane

Kool A.D. “WORD” Video

This video should be rated XXX.

Kool A.D. gets super trippy in his new music video “WORD,” resurrecting the likes of Snoop Dogg with outlandish visual animations. Remember the comic in the inside foldings of Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle? Now imagine that cracked-out— times three.

Welcome to Kool A.D.’s THC-infested mutant world.

Crawling with hand-drawn animations of stoned basset hounds and tri-breasted bunny rabbits, the new music video is not only visually stimulating (to say the least), but chopped with even weirder lyrics, birthed from the insane mind of Victor Vazquez.

“Stay up in the bed like the juice from the coochie stain on the linens that’s Gucci man. Spinning that new Gucci Mane / Watching Clueless on mute, shout out to Snoopy man.”

Kool A.D.’s video concept is pretty “out there.” However, the visuals tell a story of the never-ending ride through the depths of an artist’s personal heaven and hell. Although some scenes are pretty vulgar, the animation captures just what goes on in the mind of a guy like Kool A.D., leaving the rest of us less creative folk to pick up the oddly shaped pieces, asking “What the hell is this?”

Whatever drugs Kool A.D. has his hands on that inspired this video, we need some in our possession. Check out the insane video for Kool A.D’s “WORD” in player above and listen to the rest of his latest album, WORD, O.K.

Gyasi fucks with the Kool A.D. video and her favorite Snoop Dogg track is “Ain’t No Fun”  Follow her on Twitter @thedominusg 

Kool A.D drops a insane

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