KOOL A.D. Leaks “WORD O.K.”

This is what artists do when they're bored.

At what point in the history of rap have you ever heard a rapper encourage you to call him “Tito Jackson in a head wrap?”  Take your time to think. Yeah, never. Here’s an even better question. What rapper would intentionally leak their own album? “Kool A.D. Kool A.D. The best rapper in the world.” That’s who.

Bay Area rapper/artist Victor Vazquez aka KOOL A.D., and former member of the group Das Racist leaked his new album, WORD O.K. last night and has a very very important explanation as to why he did it here :

You can’t make up the stuff KOOL A.D. raps about in WORD O.K. and his video for the track, “Open Letter” is as random as the actual album. In a good way. Holding to his signature method of “freestyle” rhyme composition, the visuals feature A.D. sitting in an old school wicker chair with a stray cat explaining just why he is the self-proclaimed “black Shakespearean.” 

Kool A.D. mixes his fiery Cuban roots with jazz influence and a few synthesizers to produce an eclectic album.

We know fans must be buzzing with questions for the unorthodox artist, but Kool A.D. has the question of all questions right here :

Check out Kool A.D.’s new album WORD O.K. via Bandcamp. WORD O.K. should hold you over while you dream of a Lil B x Kool A.D joint album. Watch the video for “Open Letter” below:

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  • Guest

    Lil B + Kool A.D.? No. No. No. No. No. NO. Kool A.D.s style can compliment real artists.

  • Thøger Ravn

    “Kool A.D. mixes his fiery Cuban roots with jazz influence and a few synthesizers to produce an eclectic album.”

    That’s racist! 😀