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Kool A.D. “I’m On A Plane” Video

Kool A.D. “I’m On A Plane” Video

You could be anywhere in the world, but you’re here. Kool A.D. could be anywhere in the world, but he’s on a plane. Sort of. It depends on your definition of “plane.”

In his latest video, “I’m On A Plane,” Kool A.D. maxes out his wavy vibes, taking viewers on a trippy journey to all the places a plane can’t go: on the phone, behind a mask, inside a Chicago Bulls jersey. So, is Kool A.D. really on a plane? Judging by the video, we believe Mr. A.D. is referring to the type of planes that get you sky-high without leaving the ground. Joints.

Speaking of joints, why don’t you grab one and then check out the video for this one (in the player up top).

Kool AD Im On A Plane


“I’m On A Plane” appears on Kool A.D.’s Word O.K., which you would be a huge idiot for not copping. Just kidding. But seriously, go get that shit.

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