Kontor Records’ Back To Vinyl “The Office Turntable”

Kontor Records’ Back To Vinyl “The Office Turntable”

German dance music label Kontor Records realized (like most music marketers eventually do) that a ton of their promotional CDs and kits get chucked by the directors and agency creatives that they target. To combat this Kontor decided to approach the age-old concept of pitching music in a retro-future manner. The group developed something they dub Back To Vinyl “The Office Turntable”. It works by incorporating a custom smartphone app with an actual vinyl record and paper turntable kit that listeners can put together and play at their convenience. According to them the approach increased targeted listener responses by 64%. Incredible. MCs peddling their mixtapes should definitely peep game, creativity intercepts that trip to the garbage can!

Orange Vinyl Record Label
Paper Hands Turntable Record Player
Office Orange Record Desk
Orange Record Vinyl iPhone White Finger Hand Press