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Know Your Zine: Tepsic

Tepsic isn't your average zine.

tepsic magazine morgy

Tepsic isn’t your average music publication. With no binding, no interviews, no reviews, and very little writing at all, the zine redefines the idea of what a music publication is and can be.

Tepsic’s atypical format isn’t the only thing that sets it part– the way it gathers its content is unique too. The zine acts  a platform for the musicians themselves; Tepsic supplies them with disposable cameras to go on tour with and the images they shoot make up the zine.

The final product is a poster size zine, packed with crisp, visually stunning images of artists like Danny Brown, Das Racist, The Flaming Lips, Chromeo, ASAP Rocky, photographed in moments that many publications would be incapable of capturing. 

Mass Appeal: Can you tell us why there’s so little writing in the mag?

Morgy TEPSIC: In essence it’s “a music mag without the bullshit” and the bullshit, for me, is the ratings, reviews and opinions that no one should really care about. It allows you to focus and create your own commentary as to what is happening in these pictures. The design is as simple as the idea for the magazine, and I think the harmony is just right.

The size of the mag is very intriguing. What are the pros of having it shaped as it is and do you think it makes Tepsic stand out from the rest?

It’s shaped like a thin newspaper sort of, but it’s unbound and crisp and has plenty of room for tons of pictures. It’s 11″x17″ page size. I think the magazine stands out because there are more questions than answers … most of the time you know what you’re getting with a magazine, but when you have rock stars curating your mag, anything can happen. You don’t know what you’re getting into with each issue.

tepsic magazine morgy

How long have you been involved in photography?

The first time i touched a digital camera I was in sixth grade and I haven’t stopped messing with them since.

I’ve read that your from Oklahoma City. Can you elaborate on the culture there for those from the coasts who might write the city off in terms of street culture?

Nah, it’s pretty much written-off in most people’s minds, I can’t really escape that. Oklahoma City has its own cultures and scenes of really cool people who are bettering the city, which is cool to see happen. In terms of street culture I would definitely say it’s not a hub for swag.

How do you go about picking who will be featured in every issue?

I ask every artist that I asked last issue that said no, I ask all of my favorite artists at the moment, and then I take some suggestions from TEPSICHEADS and friends.

tepsic magazine morgy

How did Tumblr help in the process of expanding the zine?

I’ve been on Tumblr for almost five years now, which is crazy, but I’ve had it long before i started a magazine. Things really started to take off once I presented my idea/magazine to the Internet, and as of now, Tumblr is just the hottest place it’s at right now. It’s helped get the word out and magazines shipped to countries all over the world which is mind-boggling and very humbling. It’s linked me up with people who want to help out and artists that want cameras, so it’s just helped take everything to the next level.

tepsic magazine morgy

tepsic no.2 morgy

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