Shawn Wisenant Sewn San Fran

Know Your Zine: Shawn Whisenant’s “Sewn”

For this week's Know Your Zine we examined "Sewn" created by San Francisco photographer and skater Shawn Whisenant.

Shawn Wisenant Sewn San Fran

They tell us not to judge a book by its cover, but from observing the hand painted and hand stitched cover of his zine Sewn, we can tell San Francisco based photographer, graffiti writer, and skater Shawn Whisenant puts a lot of pride into his work. The twenty-four page, nearly pocket sized zine, is full of intrinsic details from the inner-city of San Fran that Shawn manipulated into unique pieces of art. By using old dry-cleaning slips, wet paint signs, sticker tags, newspaper clips, and other miscellaneous items you may come across while living in the city, Shawn’s method of creation accumulates in work that really exhibits the essence of city living.

Check out some spreads from Sewn below, including an interesting collage that contains a newspaper clip about the increase in violence against the homeless in California. For some more of Shawn’s work you can check out his website or Nighted Publishing Company and to learn more about Shawn and his connection with the city, skating and photography you can check out this video from Desillusion Mag.

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Shawn Wisenant Sewn San Fran

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