Know Your Zine: Fersher

Get the details on Odd Future affitiliates Sagan Lockhart and Josh Terris's zine "Fersher."

Fersher Sagan Lockhart Josh Terris
Take some photos from skateboarding’s mecca, The Berrics, add some portraits of homeless people, throw in some random party shots of youngsters in L.A. and voila! You have a zine called Fersher.
Currently on its second release, Fersher is the brainchild of L.A.-based photographers and Odd Future cronies Josh Terris and Sagan Lockhart. Described as “FUCKED UP SHIT, GOLF WANG, SKATEBOARDING, FUCKED UP SHIT, TITTIES, FUCKED UP SHIT AND MORE FUCKED UP SHIT” by Odd Future’s Tumblr it’s safe to say that the two young publishers/photographers are intent on pushing the envelope with their work. 

When did you originally have the idea of the zine?
Josh: Sagan came to me with the idea like the end of last year and we got the first one done in like January.

Sagan: Yeah, I would say about a year [or] year and a half ago. Then it took awhile to get it going.

What’s the main focus?

S: Just to make something cool with my friends and people I like.
J: Yeah, I think it is to just be creative with our group of friends. So many people are artists deep down inside but don’t have the push to put it out there. I feel like Fersher is just a zine for friends to comfortably put out their photos, art work, or whatever, and also to push the limits.
Fersher Magazine Josh Terris Sagan Lockhart
Can you tell us about the Earl Sweatshirt interview  in the last issue?
J: [Laughs] I wasn’t there for the interview, but it was like right about the time he came back.
S: It wasn’t really an “interview” so people were upset. I just recorded a conversation and poked a few questions in between.
How did you come up with the name “Fersher?”
J: Our friend San Marino would always say it in this surfer/[Jeff] Spicoli voice. It was funny, so that’s why he’s going to be on every cover.
Fersher Sagan Lockhart Josh Terris
Who else contributes besides you two?

J: Our friends. Usually Natalia Mantini, Jacob Messex, Sage Caswell, and Legohead.
S: I’d consider Natalia Mantini a solid member of Fersher . . . the rest vary.

What’s your process of putting the zine together like?
J: We print them whenever we feel like we have enough material to put out. The process is pretty long, we have to sort through people’s work, create pages, and then print it out.

S: The process of dealing with Kinkos to Paypal to USPS is kind of a nightmare but I enjoy it anyways.

Whats some of you favorite things contributed besides your own photos and interviews?
J: Awesome art by Christopher Zibach
S: With all the contributions we get quite a few characters . . . my favorite so far has been Lil Jon with some strippers.
You guys look up to any zines by photographers or others during the creation?
J: I get inspired daily by Harmony Korine. I just sit on the Internet looking up anything by him.
S: I was really inspired by a Gonz zine he used to send with Krooked boards.
How do you think the zine captures the aesthetic of your photos?
J: It’s really raw and organic. It totally reflects what’s actually inside the magazine. Very DIY. You just can’t over think things and that’s what makes Fersher gold.
S: Random, chaotic, sweet, and sour. I like that collage type shit.
Fersher Magazine Josh Terris Sagan Lockhart

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