Know Your Zine: Color Graphics in Bed

color graphics in bed

Can you explain the experimentation within the transition of colors throughout the zine? How it goes from blues to greens to yellows etc?

I was asked to make a full color zine with the guys over at nighted. ( ) I really appreciated the opportunity and wanted everyone to appreciate their willingness to produce a full color zine with me. It’s a pretty simple concept really.


Can you describe the satisfaction you gain from creating a zine?

It is all very satisfying but I think the best part of the process is having the tangible object versus seeing my photos on a computer. Being able to give out copies to friends is pretty awesome too.

What was the publishing process like putting this zine out? Was it all DIY or did you have assistance?

Because of the style of this zine I laid it out myself on the computer but I believe Nick at Nighted usually does things himself.

Can you tell us the story behind the Dill photo in the zine?

Oh yeah I think he was with some of the FTC crew in sf. I used to live with those kids out there. He told me he was filming in Chinatown and threw his shoes on some roof. He got some nice slippers that day and was wearing them real good.


What do you see in an image that makes you say ‘hey I want to shoot this’? Is it colors, the subject, or is it all just random?

I am pretty all over the place subject matter and color are very important. I feel like, and this may sound immature, but a common theme in my work is fun.


Did you shoot the photos with the preset idea of the color transition or did that idea come after you had a number of photos developed?

The idea came after. I have photos


Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you originally from? How long have you been shooting for? Do you have any art school training or did it come more naturally? etc etc

I grew up in Los Angeles and moved to San Francisco at 17. I have been shooting with film for over 10 years and as of lately can’t seem to go anywhere without a camera. I went to school for painting but have always been interested in photography. I don’t think it was ever something I wanted to be trained in.


Is this your first zine? If not tell us about your other projects in the past.


This is my first solo zine. I have participated in a few small projects over the years. I also have projects in the works as well as a few art shows lined up that I am really excited about. Fun fun. Thanks.

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