Know Your National League Starting Pitcher, Matt Harvey

Would you know the starting National League pitcher for tonight's MLB All-Star Game if he was staring you in the face?

We want you to be prepared for tonight’s MLB All-Star Game, and not strike out looking like these New Yorkers. Meet Matt Harvey, New York Mets ace and the starting pitcher for the National League. With the Midsummer Classic occupying Citi Field this year, that’s a huge look for the 24-year-old phenom. So huge in fact, that it might inform the viewing public of what he actually looks like. In a recent clip, Jimmy Fallon sent Harvey to the streets to ask New Yorkers their thoughts on, well, himself, and no one recognized him (no one featured, others presumably did). One man calls him a “stud,” while another — wearing a Harvey jersey, mind you — gives the (not so) hypothetical advice of, “Keep being awesome.”

The All-Star Game kicks off tonight at 8 p.m., with Max Scherzer of the Detroit Tigers taking the mound for the American League. The game will conclude All-Star weekend, which included last night’s Home Run Derby (word to Yoenis Cespedes who beat out Bryce Harper), Sunday’s Futures and Legends/Celebrity games (the latter gave us this image of a running Ashanti), and a whole mess of team-branded life-sized apples around the city.

Watch tonight to catch what could be Harvey’s big coming out party, and what will surely be Mariano Rivera’s final All-Star Game appearance. The career leader in saves, and New York Yankees legend, announced before the season that this, his 19th, will be his last. Tonight will mark Mo’s 13th All-Star appearance, and expect the crowd, what will be a good mix of Mets and Yankees fans, to give nothing short of a standing ovation.

ASG Citi Field

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