Knicks Point Guard Derrick Rose Was a No-Call, No-Show to the Knicks Game Last Night

It's still unclear just what the heck happened last night

Ordinarily, when you hear about an NBA team being unable to relocate one of its major players, it’s because somewhere in the belly of the arena he’s gotten caught up with a reporter, or in an argument with a teammate or assistant coach, and is late getting to the bench. That said, leave it to the New York Knickerbockers to actually not know where in the world one of its players was just minutes from tip-off. And not the 12th man that just signed a 10-day contract. Nope. Even after the Knicks tipped off their game against the Pelicans last night, not a one person in the Knicks organization knew where Derrick Rose was.

Even after Rose had been heard from after the game–at least according to his long-time Bulls teammate and current Knicks teammate Joakim Noah–the team and its faculty was still in the dark about what had transpired. Noah merely relayed to the media that Rose was “OK,” but the man in charge on a nightly basis, head coach Jeff Hornacek, was clearly out of his depth trying to explain Rose’s situation to reporters. “Right now we don’t have enough information to give you anything,” he said. “That’s just going to have to wait until we hear something from Derrick himself.”

Just after 1 o’clock this morning, The Vertical reported that there had still barely been a solid line of communication with Rose. It’s hard to imagine that Knicks president Phil Jackson, who apparently wasn’t in a rush to make himself available for comment last night, will have an easy time climbing out of this quagmire, but for the sake of his team and possibly his job, he’ll have to. When a team’s chief free agent acquisition disappears on his team and coaching staff in the midst of a playoff race, especially on a night in which his team would eventually be obliterated by a non-contender, rampant questions follow.

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