Charles Oakley Oakley's Café DVD kitchen

Knicks Are Cold, Oakley’s Café Stays Hot

New York may not be able to stand the Heat in the playoffs, but former Knickerbocker Charles Oakley was known to handle it in the kitchen.

Game One: there was no hope for the Knicks half-way through the first quarter against the Miami Heat. Game Two: the Knicks loss of 104-94 added insult to their current string of injuries—Amar’e Stoudemire’s latest. Cue NYK legend, Charles Oakley, who put it best on his cooking show, “the Knicks need a pep talk and a whoopin.'” Knicks issues always make for good conversation, so on Oakley’s short-lived cooking show, he spoke on his former team. Not much has changed since 2010 when it was released on DVD. Oakley’s Café had all the right ingredients: special guests, like his former teammate John Starks, funny commentary, and an opening theme song that was rapped by a young Party Supplies and his older brother. Crazy right? Party Supplies dropped this gem on us recently. We didn’t ask him to recite the rhymes for us again. The Knicks are the ones in the pressure cooker with their 0-2 record in round one of the NBA Playoffs. Check out the full trailer for Oakley’s Café here.

Charles Oakley Oakley's Café DVD show Party Supplies

Charles Oakley Oakley's Café DVD kitchen

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