Kirill Was Here Photography Grants Champagne Wishes

Poppin' bottles costs money, but photography by Kirill Was Here is priceless. Splash!

Krill Was Here Champagne Facials Nightlife Photo Picture

Chances are, if you’ve ever been in the club, you’ve noticed those gorgeous girls that just walk up to tables full of dudes in hope of scoring some free booze. They flirt and bat their eyelids unabashedly, and when the supply is finished, so is their attention. One prominent nightlife photographer, Kirill Bichutsky, has flipped the script on this common occurrence. The alcohol is still free, but he demands something in exchange—a photograph. What originally started as a joke among friends, snowballed into a Tumblr aptly titled Champagne Facials. The premise is simple: he convinces ladies to let him pour champagne in their mouths (and pretty much wherever is game…), creating hilarious pornographic reenactments. I mean the shit is…FUCKIN RIDICLOUS! (RZA voice)

Champagne Facials Party Nightlife Krill Was Here

Krill Was Here Champagne Facials Nightlife Photo Picture

Krill Was Here Champagne Facials Photography

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