Kingdom Massacooramaan Video

Massacooramaan’s Video Will Knife You

Penetration, visually and sonically with this sharp looking video.

Kingdom has eyeballs under arrest between his collaboration with Ashland Mines (a.k.a. Total Freedom) at the Suzanne Geiss gallery and now directing the video for Massacorramaan’s video. He and Subtrança stay sharp creating a colorful digital rendering of knives that make for an abstract accompaniment to the slice and dice sound effects that could pierce more than your ears. At the same time, there’s something to be said about the recurring imagery of knives that chop and those chopper beasts—motorcycles. Way back when Kingdom dropped “Mindreader” (via Fool’s Gold) a slick looking chopper was on the cover art, all of which he designs for his Fade to Mind label. Fast forward three years later, those chopper blades rework their way into our frontal lobes.

Fade To Mind EP


More info on the release via Fade To Mind here.

Stream the full Dead Long Time EP below

Kingdom Massacooramaan Video

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