King Of The Dot Fresh Coast Presents: Canibus vs Dizaster

Canibus vs. Dizaster is a battle of epiic proportions, soon to break spirits and possibly break careers. Watch the trailer and tell us who you think will walk away with their pride in tact.

The battle has always been hip-hop’s vehicle for notoriety. A good battle can make or break an artist. Classic battles on wax or on a street level make headlines and generate thousands of hits on YouTube. The spotlight always seemed to get brighter, going pound for pound like their boxing counterparts on pay-per-view. Although nothing has never materialized hip-hop fans have always imaged a lyrical brawl of monumental heights. Well the wait is over, the heavyweight and lyrical monster Canibus is set to enter into his first ever pay-per-view battle on June 9th. His contender will be the reigning battle champ Dizaster, a legend on the underground circuit.

Vendetta Battle Royale will take place at Exchange LA in California. If you’re on the West Coast and want to attend this event, tickets are on sale at For everyone else you can tune in to watch the battle on Ustream thru its pay-per-view service. This is an event that will change both rappers involved. Who do you think will win?

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