Are Kimye Finally Getting Their Fashion Credit?

To get what you want, act like you don't want it.

Fashion is fickle. Kind of like that girl in high school who loves playing hard to get. The more you idolize her, the more she ignores you. But the second you walk away and start flirting with her friend she comes at you, bating her eyelashes and twirling her hair. As we all know, fashion has been toying with Kanye West since… forever. Allowing him to get to first base and then pulling back before he can get any under the shirt action. Their relationship has been surface and transactional, Kanye reps every designer known to man, bellowing their names from mics worldwide and in return they allow him small concessions, a shout-out here, a fashion internship there, but nothing, um, penetrative.

In an effort to cement his status as a fashion kingpin, Kanye has been clamoring to transform his reality TV fiancé into an haute-couture heroine. Kim’s tonal and monochromatic aesthetic becoming somewhat of a signature. But just like her future husband’s sartorial career, Kim’s entrance into the fashion premier league has been met with abrasive and (not so) quiet snickering from the inner circle.

However, yesterday Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy has came out again to express his fondness for the couple. The designer, who dressed the pair for last year’s Met Ball (after Kim was finally thrown a ticket from fashion’s Queen Biatch, Anna Wintour) has granted Kanye a hall pass or two in the past. But his statement to the The Sunday Times set tongues wagging, “She’s the Monroe of our age,” the designer said of Kim. “People think she’s like a doll, but actually she’s tough and clever.”

Is this the stamp of approval Kimye has been waiting for? The recognition they need for that Vogue cover or a successful fashion label? Probably not. At the end of the day, Kanye is good for business. Whether you want to give him credit or not, he helped to open up high-end fashion to a whole new demographic. But while Kanye acts as a cash cow for couture, he lacks the sartorial clout and validity to sway the inner sanctum.

Looking objectively, one could argue that the fashion fascists are trolling on poor Kimye. Considering the false idols they have embraced so readily – Kate Upton and Miley Cyrus for example – you’d think they’d cut Kim some slack. Pre-sex tape she had gained small success as Paris Hilton’s stylist – okay maybe not the best example but you know, it’s nice to be nice.

But at the end of the day, if fashion’s popular crowd works anything like Mean Girls (which it definitely is) Tisci will publicly condone the couple for bank but in the bulimic bathrooms of Vogue he’s still on team Wintour.

Fashion’s a bitch and any red-blooded male (bar Kanye it seems) knows dating rule 101 – bitches want what they can’t have. So Kanye, if you want this whole Kim fetch thing to work, just give it a rest. Look the other way. Imagine if Kim publicly said fuck a Vogue cover and just killed it on the low every single day. Fashion only comes calling when you disconnect the phone.

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