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“Off Tha’ Wall” – Killa Kyleon

“Off Tha’ Wall” – Killa Kyleon


We took our talents down to Texas to link up with Killa Kyleon. Killa, a Texas native to the core, is known for his authoritative lyrics that paint vivid pictures of southern hustle, riding clean, and getting throwed with beautiful women. That barely scratches the surface of his depth and you’re aware of it the moment you meet him.

We caught up with him and he spoke misconceptions about the south, fashion, his dream studio and of course syrup. When it comes to his musical influences, Killa Kyleon has a passion for the classics and definitely knows his shit. He answered our line of questioning with ease and had us laughing on and off camera. In between questions he made sure show fan’s love. Between his infectious flow and chill demeanor he’s definitely an ambassador of the south worth listening to and meeting.

After you peep the episode, check out Killa Kyleon’s newest mixtape Lean On Me, available here.


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