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Brand Vandal KIDULT Releases “Visual Dictatorship” Film

Brand Vandal KIDULT Releases “Visual Dictatorship” Film

KIDULT gives zero fucks about luxury brands.

He’s not the type of graffiti writer who hopes that he’ll one day do a handbag collaboration or lend his talents to a high-paying liquor company. The provocative French artist simply wants to subvert.

Known for taking his ad-busting message of revolt from Europe to the U.S. and Asia, KIDULT has released this 13-minute manifesto explaining why he does what he does featuring eerie music, a distorted narrator’s voice and unreleased footage of him bombing the system.

According to the narrator “one should not underestimate the political and social power of graffiti.” If KIDULT truly creates the worldwide movement he wants to this type of graffiti will definitely not be ignored.



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