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Kids Haven’t Turned NY Into a Dump

Kids Haven’t Turned NY Into a Dump

Friends and family flocked to Klughaus gallery last week. Today, Ricky shared some thoughts with us.

Ricky Powell Memes NYC

We bumped into Ricky Powell tonight in front of the Burton store in SoHo. He said something important to a young man clad in Supreme. He was a good kid, who championed Ricky’s photography because he saw his portraits of old and new New York at Klughaus Gallery last week. Ricky Powell’s response, was that he has faith in this generation. He was worried for a moment, but he still believes. It was a heartfelt reaction that we’re paraphrasing. We know how the Rickster feels about the New Jack cornball conventions, that stink up The City with their streetwear starter kits, and cheat sheet of cool guys to follow on Twitter, copied and pasted from their Google Alerts. He knows, and we know they’re out there. Fortunately, no one caught a stiff arm in SoHo. Peace to Memes NYC and John King for the photos from the exhibit. See more flicks here.

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