Kid Rock Photography Book

Kid Rock Photography Book

Photographer and art director, Jeremy Deputat, was given an all-access pass to Kid Rock’s 2011 “Born Free” Summer tour. The Detroit native made the most of the experience by shooting the self-proclaimed king of redneck debauchery in all his glory–strumming guitar, kicking it with actor Sean Penn, in his trailer getting worked on by groupies and just smoking up a cigar before showtime. Fast forward to 30,000 images later (and some serious photo editing) and Deputat’s got a full-fledged hardcover commemorating his favorite shots from the gig. I’m Kid Rock, What’s Your Excuse? is limited to 1000 pieces all numbered and signed. $100 a pop, bro. Check out some pics from the┬áKid Rock photography book.

Kid Rock Photography Book les paul junior
kid rock blue and red trucker hat
kid rock green hat
kid rock smoking cigar