Kid Cudi Satellite Flight

Kid Cudi’s New Album Will Change Your Life . . . Again

We take a look at the Man on the Moon's new album, Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon.

Photo Jason Goldwatch Words Mustafa Abubaker

Kid Cudi saved my life and I put that on everything. I’m a far cry from the timid, feeble grade school kid I was when I heard “Day ‘N’ Nite” for the first time. A lot of people hate on Cudi stans for a variety of reasons; depression, mood swings, etc. But the truth is that Cudi doesn’t make music so that we can wallow in self-pity. A great artist, like Cudi, helps his fans grow through their traumatic experiences. A great artist records songs that once played erase everything and everyone else from the listener’s environment.

Last night, Cudi had a one-on-one talk with people all over the world through his latest project, Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon. And you know what? Maybe that high school kid needed that. Maybe she had been dealing with a severe case of lack of self-love. But then she heard “Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now,” and now she’s stunting on all her classmates. Maybe that quiet guy at your job needed the album too. Maybe he had been dealing with a tumultuous relationship because he couldn’t express how he feels. But then he heard “Balmain Jeans,” got in the car, on the bike, train, whatever, went to his girl’s place and finally let his guard down and let her in. Cudi changes lives, it’s that simple. This is no ordinary artist looking to make a quick buck and bounce.

Cudi released an album last night that takes you away from earthly habits and routines. The sound encases itself into a vacuum that just pulls you in and shows you the Earth from “this view.” As usual, Cudi explores similar themes strewn about in his discography – rebellion, perseverance, isolation, etc. Yet, Satellite Flight possesses a triumphant nature, one so deeply rooted in overcoming adversity it begs to be heard. The off-kilter black rockstar type steez of “Internal Bleeding” is insane. I mean Cudi sounds like he’s dying on the fucking song. It feels like he’s channeling Pink Floyd.

Every artist wants to have an impact on peoples’ lives. They make art so people can receive it, so it can touch people and people can live their lives having heard that song, having seen that film, having read that book. In his unorthodox manner, Cudi has conquered this realm of humanity and really taken it upon himself to be the voice of a generation. Why do you think your favorite artist always mentions Cudi in interviews? Why do you think Kanye was able to make 808s & Heartbreak the way he was? Why do you think Ben Breedlove had that vision?

Circa the release of his debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, Cudi was on the top of the world. Had he never strayed from the main stream appeal of tours with Lady Gaga and songs with Shakira, sure, he would have been universally recognized and much wealthier. You could say he’d be vying with Drake, neck and neck, racing to the finish line.

He’d probably still be cool with Kanye West. He’d still be on G.O.O.D Music as long as he remained in his lane, but Cudi said fuck that noise. He lived his life. He had a daughter, he overcame a coke addiction, he started a band, he acted in numerous TV shows and movies. Drake should be glad Cudi aimed to please his spirit on an independent level, at least musically.

Because then we would have never gotten “Ghost!” We would have never gotten the “Maniac!” the short film he did with Cage, directed by Shia LaBeouf. We would have never gotten the documentary to accompany Man on The Moon II, directed by Jason Goldwatch. We would have never gotten the haunting, ethereal “Efflictim” from WZRD.

I believe we are all here for a reason. We need to appreciate this artistry and stop pretending like Scott Mescudi isn’t who he is. Believe it or not, fuck it, like it or not, this man has shifted the culture forward ever since he released “Day ‘N’ Nite,” a song that was already years ahead of its time. Kid Cudi is the illest artist ever because he has this innate sense of humanity. You can’t name another artist like Cudi with the same depth, message and personal meaning to millions of people around the world. It’s time that the world stops with the fronting and recognizes a true icon when we see one. In the meantime, Cudi stans will wait. And when you get it, we won’t say I told you so.

Have Cudder change your life by purchasing a copy of Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon here.

Satellite Flight Album Art
Kid Cudi Satellite Flight

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  • tde



    chill fam its #CudFam #KillDaNoise

  • CudiFellOff

    “You can’t name another artist like Cudi with the same depth, message and personal meaning to millions of people around the world”

    I can name at least six. The album sucks anyways.

  • JJ

    ok, name them. YOU WONT PUSSY

  • Kyle

    And there it is, the prototypical review of a garbage album resorting to the “he’s unique” excuse. Great. I’ve been a huge fan since I first heard A Kid Named Cudi, but he’s gone so far away from what made him big. He isn’t even in the hip hop genre anymore, it’s like psychedelic alternative, if that even exists, with off key random noises. Judging by your review, the guy could make an album full of animal noises and it would be “iconic”. Get a grip man.

  • mohsin sharif

    that’s because Cudi is so much fucking bigger than “hip-hop.” get a grip yourself and explore other genres…

  • Kyle

    Kendrick, Lupe, Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye, and Nas.

    There you go. And that is only rap and off the top of my head.

  • Ryan Peterson

    Here is a free write I did last night when I was listening to the album.

    I have figured the series out. This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever thought of. This whole time, I’ve just been listening to one rapper, supporting because it felt right. I had no idea, after supporting such a unique, out of this world rapper, the least I would expect was this. I’ve always enjoyed what he wrote, relating it to certain scenarious in my young life. I did not see this coming. I think only few did. Check it out:

    A young Scott mescudi. Born and raised in the tough, must say sorrow-some times. Just a young man, trying to figure it out. Saw the trends, related it to him. Well, more like a dream. A dream of making it to the top. Sure, he knew he had the talent to be with some of the mediocre rappers the media loved, but he visioned something better. Something, well, out of this world. He imagined himself at the very top. Like, this feat was unfuckwittable. He was free. He was flying. And nobody, literally nobody could touch him.
    Cudder was sittin low with his clique, just, ya know. Whatever he needed to do think. Out of the box for say. He tries, and goes from the thoughts. You know, rapping, showing people what he had. Got together with some local producers, low key. He started getting good. Confidence building up. Boom. A kid named Scott. Okay, this dudes got talent. Got some more attention, still rising, ya know? Boom, lands himself Man on the moon. Okay, this young guy’s got talent, can he make it? Does he have what it takes to make catchy mix tapes. But can he provide a solid platform of who he was? Man on the moon1. Hahahaha.
    This dude made it. Getting all that wanted attention. Showing the haters he did it. Fuck you hating ass bitches, I’m here. Party. Raaaage as he would say. Show that he is young, havin fun, but not that he was better than you. Going from the heart, and keepin it rockin. Showing nothing wrong with a little pot and some drink, as long as he is at the top. Nothing can stop this guy. But. Like all greats do. Mr. Solo Dolo came back. As most would expect.
    He’s at the top. He lived it up. He is still living it up. The bitches, the parties, the fame. Everything. He is at te top. He has the young fans of this cultivating genre of hip hop, he was adored. Wasn’t mainstream and lame simple songs talking about bitches and stupid dances like soulja boy or some shit. He had it figured out. He had all young fans listening. Sure, he wasn’t the most media focused rapper, but if you asked anyone, they knew who this wizard was. The raging young kid who thinks he is different.( littles does everyone know, he is different. He is the best.)
    Gets you feeling sorry for him. Ah, yeah, he used to bang, but he just kinda stayin low, not droppin much. Or anything per say. Cudi wasn’t necessarily dropping, but he wanted to come back with something different. Be that musical genus who introduced new shit. He gave a little rock n roll a try. Some were excited, unsure, anxious, but most were like dude, fuck this guy. Rock? Hopefully he can come back. Some had faith, but started to question. I’m victim. I talked this dude up so strong. Pumped him up to all my friends, but they weren’t getting, “the vibes.”
    Indicud! Cudi thinks he is back, do you. He got confused, figured it out, and now he knows he can only go up from here. He got his head straight. Forward. Went back to tthe younger days. Te fun days. The less complicated days. He had been at the top. He knew what it took be tr best. All in his head. He figured it out. He is the KING WIZARD.
    He is controlling our minds in a genus way. He has got us thinking. This guy, cudi, got it all
    Figured out. Think he can do it. These are what’s going through my brain, as I know it’s most likely going through his. He made it. I thought it all up in my head. I know where I’m going. This is a tough road ahead. It’s not gonna be easy. Here he is. The top in the world. Getting vastly restricted, but ready to come out. He had been trough it all. He is battling with the brains of listeners. All in his head! He is fighting the hate. The bad critics. And he is shutting on them. It is like a movie! But in words, in sounds! He prepares us for what could be the biggest piece of art we have ever seen in modern, idk, times! A song that takes you from the start! The young nigga with the plan. The guy knowing he was the best. From the pursuit of happiness, to the soundtrack to his life, he was becoming mr solo dolo, trapped in his mind. He became a ghost. Struggling. At his all time
    Low. Dropped a rock album., dropped a rap album, dropped a couple movies. Dropped an out of this world masterpiece. That soon will be able to recognize. Oh, well
    Hello. Let me take over your brain here for a second.
    Our now famous cudi has found a new certain type of feeling. Love. He is in love. He has found the vibe. He is head over heels. For this her? Can he climb inside her vortex of her vibes. Those ticking goosebumps that make you feel amazing? Not only a man on top, but a man so far ahead nobody can touch him?! He is free. Blindsiding everyone. All while
    He is in love with this perfect women. Nobody knows who she is, but she adores him. She gives him everything you need. The perfect everything. Showing the whole entire world that love never fails to give you good vibes. Forever! He loves you! Cud fam! All around the world! Cudi made it! He ruled the world! He started as young Scott seguro Ramon Medicudi against the world in his wildest dreams, and made it too the most unreachable height. He takes you to the vibes you get as a young man in
    This world, going through the roughest and hardest times, and you can still keep going! Don’t give up! You can do it! Look at me! I’m taking off my Beilman jeans. To this. Here he is. He is entering your brain. He will be relentless. He will tear it apart. He will have you thinking every night, what is this dudes deal? How is he doing this? I’m realizing this is me. From the young jocks to the young thinkers, stoners generation, or to the partiers, the young 20’s group. The gangsters. Everyone is bumping this shit. Could this be the end? The revelation?! NO OF COURSE NOT! He’s just a rapper. He is the young male of this world who think they are cool. No! He has Middle Aged average people finding it suitable for ther family! He drops touching melody songs for almost every person in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD LISTENing, ENJOYING! He did it! He contoured the world! This young rapper did it! I can’t believing it!!!! No, like I said it is just a thought. That almost every person will soon to have! Could this be?! This youg rapper this guy that nobody would dare to say out loud, but this figure everyone knew existed?! All sciences will try to prove wrong, but nothing could prove it wrong! Everyone knew of him! EVERYONE!! He would always be in the back of your brain! He has so much powers, and it’s just a matter of time the world will realize! No, that’s crazy. It’s just a dream. This can’t be. Or good it? Yeah. It is. Welcome to Satelllite, journey to mother moon! Hoped you enjoyed the vibes.

    Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed the ride I just took you on. Some it killed to do. And I am sorry for that. I did all I could. And I know you went through hardships. It kills me for the losses. And I can only show the least amount of sympathy. We can try for it. Plead for it. We are low as can be. But we aren’t. There is still hope you guys! The journey to mother moon was hard, but feel the accomplishment running through your brains?! we are here! All the thoughts, all the hard times, the worst feelings. The lowest of the lows. Here he is, the warriores Man! He gave his life for us. He tried it all! Like he did for our sins! He sacrificed himself as Christ! Jesus Christ! Jesus cudder! It is him! My whole life! My whole young life! I finally figured it out! I know what this is! This is unbelievable! we did it! Yes! We did it! What a metaphor. That was crazy. Jesus Christ? Insane. C’mon now people. You would be to ignorant to think of such a thing. But here is is, among us. Controlling us. Not in a bad way. But he owns us. But wait, he is just a young rapper from Cleveland. No. He is here. He is gonna stay. From the stoner kids the the parents who hate this shit, here he is. The best. The one. The only cudder. That nobody can think of. He made it. Nothing this mainstream was heard of. But here he is. He will take over. Here is the intro, to man on the moon 3! Please enjoy. It is a triumph for the young Scott Mescudi. Who did it. He rules us. He sends the vibes every single person will want. Go ahead! Test him with all you can! It won’t happen. He will still be that young nigga with a shagged out fro rapping!! Haha keep thinking that. Keep that in the back of your mind, while your trying to do school work, laundry, whatever is hard. Take a second, and listen. I do remind you, this wizard is a just a rapper, from Cleveland Ohio! He wasn’t te guy that meant shit. Who tried to bring nirvana back. Here he is. I hope you enjoy. But remember, this is all a dream. In the artist, Scott mescudi, the rapper from Cleveland Ohio! Enjoy. Man on the Moon 3….

  • mohsin sharif

    nah b

  • Rister Mager

    only cudfam is on that wizard talk.

  • Rister Mager


  • CudFan

    LOL Jay Z? LOL GTFO dumbass, if you don’t like this album your taste sucks ass. Sorry. Those are some great artist but Kid Cudi sounds nothing like any of them. The point of what was said is that Kid cudi has a sound to his music no one else has. And you can’t deny that.

  • Unbiased

    Did the guy explicitly state artists like Cudi? No, learn to read and comprehend. If I don’t like this album my taste sucks? Wow, get over yourself. It’s subjective idiot. Do you know what that word means? Nice username.