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Kid Cudi’s New Album Will Change Your Life . . . Again

Kid Cudi’s New Album Will Change Your Life . . . Again


Photo Jason Goldwatch Words Mustafa Abubaker

Kid Cudi saved my life and I put that on everything. I’m a far cry from the timid, feeble grade school kid I was when I heard “Day ‘N’ Nite” for the first time. A lot of people hate on Cudi stans for a variety of reasons; depression, mood swings, etc. But the truth is that Cudi doesn’t make music so that we can wallow in self-pity. A great artist, like Cudi, helps his fans grow through their traumatic experiences. A great artist records songs that once played erase everything and everyone else from the listener’s environment.

Last night, Cudi had a one-on-one talk with people all over the world through his latest project, Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon. And you know what? Maybe that high school kid needed that. Maybe she had been dealing with a severe case of lack of self-love. But then she heard “Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now,” and now she’s stunting on all her classmates. Maybe that quiet guy at your job needed the album too. Maybe he had been dealing with a tumultuous relationship because he couldn’t express how he feels. But then he heard “Balmain Jeans,” got in the car, on the bike, train, whatever, went to his girl’s place and finally let his guard down and let her in. Cudi changes lives, it’s that simple. This is no ordinary artist looking to make a quick buck and bounce.

Cudi released an album last night that takes you away from earthly habits and routines. The sound encases itself into a vacuum that just pulls you in and shows you the Earth from “this view.” As usual, Cudi explores similar themes strewn about in his discography – rebellion, perseverance, isolation, etc. Yet, Satellite Flight possesses a triumphant nature, one so deeply rooted in overcoming adversity it begs to be heard. The off-kilter black rockstar type steez of “Internal Bleeding” is insane. I mean Cudi sounds like he’s dying on the fucking song. It feels like he’s channeling Pink Floyd.

Every artist wants to have an impact on peoples’ lives. They make art so people can receive it, so it can touch people and people can live their lives having heard that song, having seen that film, having read that book. In his unorthodox manner, Cudi has conquered this realm of humanity and really taken it upon himself to be the voice of a generation. Why do you think your favorite artist always mentions Cudi in interviews? Why do you think Kanye was able to make 808s & Heartbreak the way he was? Why do you think Ben Breedlove had that vision?

Circa the release of his debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, Cudi was on the top of the world. Had he never strayed from the main stream appeal of tours with Lady Gaga and songs with Shakira, sure, he would have been universally recognized and much wealthier. You could say he’d be vying with Drake, neck and neck, racing to the finish line.

He’d probably still be cool with Kanye West. He’d still be on G.O.O.D Music as long as he remained in his lane, but Cudi said fuck that noise. He lived his life. He had a daughter, he overcame a coke addiction, he started a band, he acted in numerous TV shows and movies. Drake should be glad Cudi aimed to please his spirit on an independent level, at least musically.

Because then we would have never gotten “Ghost!” We would have never gotten the “Maniac!” the short film he did with Cage, directed by Shia LaBeouf. We would have never gotten the documentary to accompany Man on The Moon II, directed by Jason Goldwatch. We would have never gotten the haunting, ethereal “Efflictim” from WZRD.

I believe we are all here for a reason. We need to appreciate this artistry and stop pretending like Scott Mescudi isn’t who he is. Believe it or not, fuck it, like it or not, this man has shifted the culture forward ever since he released “Day ‘N’ Nite,” a song that was already years ahead of its time. Kid Cudi is the illest artist ever because he has this innate sense of humanity. You can’t name another artist like Cudi with the same depth, message and personal meaning to millions of people around the world. It’s time that the world stops with the fronting and recognizes a true icon when we see one. In the meantime, Cudi stans will wait. And when you get it, we won’t say I told you so.

Have Cudder change your life by purchasing a copy of Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon here.

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