Kenna “Relations (An Ode To You & Me)”

Kenna “Relations (An Ode To You & Me)”

Star Trak artist Kenna releases a new track, "Relations (An Ode To You & Me)," produced by The Neptunes' Chad Hugo.

Kenna gets über funky on his latest track, “Relations (An Ode To You & Me).” Channeling his inner Rick James, this cut is as cold-blooded as they come. The Star Trak artist has been working with the Neptunes’ Chad Hugo for quite some time, and the fruits of their labor have proved refreshing, to say the least. Kenna credits this track to “drunken exhaustion” and knocked it out of the park in one take, spontaneity at it’s finest. Think about throwing this track on next time you’re taking it down with your lustful lady of choice for some private play.