Kelly Rowland new video "The Game" directed by Spike Lee

Kelly Rowland “The Game” Video

Is Spike Lee the new Hype Williams?

Everyone is pumped up with World Cup fever! In celebration of the big game, Kelly Roland dropped a new video for her track “The Game.” The colorful visuals tell a story of poverty and passion, which features shots of amazing Brazilian street art, creating a more positive outlook on the game, despite the recent protests from Brazilians over the ethics behind the competition. You’ll never guess who’s behind the video direction.

Spike Lee.

What’s going on with Spike lately? Aside from his recent heated rant over the gentrification of Clinton Hill, the “Do The Right Thing” director has discretely swapped his Mars Blackmon for a Hype Williams music video directing cap. Did you peep his directing skills in Eminem’s latest video “Headlights”?

The recent change in direction from Spike Lee is sort of unexpected. Are the videos as hard hitting as his classic movies? Eh. Not so much. Check out the video in the player above and let us know what you think in the comment box below.

Spike Lee directs new Kelly Rowland video "The Game"


Kelly Rowland new video "The Game" directed by Spike Lee

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