Keith Hufnagel “Epicly Later’d” Part 1

Keith Hufnagel “Epicly Later’d” Part 1

Vice profiles HUF founder and former professional skateboarder Keith Hufnagel in the latest installment of their excellent skateboard documentary series, Epicly Later’d. Born and raised in New York City (Stuy Town!), the first part of the episode chronicles Huf’s beginnings skating up to his first sponsor, Fun. Keith stayed loyal to Deluxe, ending up on Real Skateboards until the time he retired.

The episode is inspiring and interesting, especially in regards to Huf’s relationships with Gino Iannuci and Keenan Milton (Rest in Power!). The crew would spend the night at his spot in Manhattan or at Gino’s in Long Island, cementing their friendship into their futures as pro skaters. If that wasn’t enough, SHUT Skateboards, Mighty Healthy and Harold Hunter get thrown into the mix too!