KAWS Re-Invents the MTV VMA Moonman for the 2013 Awards Show Headed to Brooklyn

Artist KAWS was invited to add his touch to the iconic MTV Moonman award for the VMA's coming to Brooklyn.

“Brooklyn keeps on takin’ it,” KRS-One’s The Bridge Is Over lyrics have never rang truer. For the first time in the history of the VMA’s, the iconic Moonman has gotten a serious makeover courtesy of KAWS. The accolades ripple in waves beyond the stratosphere, that is truly how far reaching and iconic the Brooklyn-based art mastermind’s works and collaborations have been. There is no one better suited to put their spin on an icon. The Moonman has taken the shape of the iconic KAWS companion, complete in that oh so recognizable cartoonish Skull and Crossbones with the X-eyes! But this KAWS statue is a one time thing so don’t get too used to it.

As if that wasn’t enough, it has been announced that the 2013 MTV VMA’s will be hosted at the Barclays Center. Kaboom, take that Manhattan and the many legendary VMA’s of yester-year that took place at Radio City Music Hall. BK’s brand new stadium will set the stage for all of the biggest names in music, mainstream and new comers alike, to receive their “KAWSman.”

We sure hope this exclusive statue finds its way into the hands of Mr. Yeezus West or else… “I’ma let you finish Buzz but the KAWS Moonman is the greatest award statue of all time!” (Or so we imagine.)

Brooklyn-based artist KAWS holds his latest creation, a redesigned KAWS Moonman for the 2013 MTV VMA's.

Kaws companion and Kaws moonman

Brooklyn-based artist KAWS unveils his latest creation, a redesigned KAWS Moonman for the 2013 MTV VMA's.

Photo and video courtesy of MTV


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