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KAWS at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

KAWS at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Whether you’re heavy in the graffiti scene, an admirer of fine art, or just someone who appreciates ill aesthetics, you’ve definitely heard of KAWS. It’s been a huge year for the Jersey City native; from redesigning the iconic moon man statue for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards to designing the back cover of Mass Appeal Issue 53. We sat down with the famed artist at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, to talk about his involvement with PAFA’s Sculpture Plinth Exhibition, his use of architecture and space, and different aspects of his career.

The exhibition features both indoor and outdoor components. The latter is a sculpture on PAFA’s front facade, KAWS’ first time working with aluminum. The former showcases over 60 paintings and sculptures. The exhibition creates a juxtaposition between contemporary and historic American art, showcasing his refined wittiness, polarizing visuals, and interpretation of popular culture. The exhibit runs till the top of next year so if you have time you better go catch it and avoid regret.

KAWS at the PAFA Mass Appeal Interview

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