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KATSU’s Graffiti Goes Digital

KATSU’s Graffiti Goes Digital

The powers of KATSU boiled down into five GIFs.

You should see the “Portrait of a Generation” exhibit before it’s over on August 10th, 2012 at NYC’s The Hole Gallery. See it a few times because the lineup is so deep you might miss something. One piece that shouldn’t go unnoticed is the art piece KATSU (BTM) created of JIM JOE. Both are like-minded New Yorkers whose names are so up they should give you a nosebleed. What KATSU did can’t be explained beyond the fact that he created a GIF. Any more details would desensitize the uncomfortable feeling you should get, like when you see his art in the streets. KATSU says, “GIFs are the future.” Tumblr is an oasis for homemade GIFs of KATSU’s graf. Here’s five of our favs from some familiar videos like “The Powers of KATSU,” and the Crack and Shine profile for Vans Off The Wall.

KATSU Graffiti Fire Extinguisher
KATSU Graffiti New York Homeless
KATSU Skull graffiti
KATSU Graffiti Skull
Katsu Moca GIF
KATSU Skull Collage
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