Katsu Drone Paintings

KATSU: Bombing With Drones

All of them drones do what them drones want.

We all know drones are robotic murder machines , or are they the ultimate pizza delivery
device? While that debate can rage on, New York City artist KATSU has repurposed drone technology and developed a system that attaches spray cans to quadcopters in the name of futuristic graffiti. In an interview with VICE, KATSU describes how he was motivated by the tantalizing prospect of hitting a building “my eyes have always been able to reach it but my limbs have never been able to touch.” By making the drones his extended hands and feet, KATSU has developed a way to spray canvases or walls hundreds of feet high that were previously inaccessible. KATSU will debut his project at the Silicon Valley Contemporary art fair, which runs from April 10 to April 13. Check video of the drones in action in the player above.

Katsu Drone Paintings

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