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KA’s Brownsville “Summer” and Tumblr

KA’s Brownsville “Summer” and Tumblr

So far in most of Ka’s videos, he’s alone. Props to Wizard KiD Cudi, but Ka is the solo dolo O.G. It’s because Ka stars and directs his own visuals. With no one around him to steal the spotlight—not like they could if they tried—the focus is on the location. While you sleep, Ka’s shooting. He’s the rapper equivalent of a writer going bombing; true to SP.ONE’s words: BREAK NIGHT. Need deeper recon on where the Brownsville rep is scouting? His Tumblr is 21 pages of photographs, mostly in the twilight of Brooklyn’s darkest nooks and crannies. You’d be jelly of Ka’s street cred. ‘Nuff said, crumbs.

Brownsville KA rapper Brooklyn photography

Ka’s Caption: “BK bed and breakfast”

Red Hook Welcome Sign Ka Brooklyn

Ka’s Caption: “Red Hook”

KA rapper Brooklyn Brownsville Tumblr

Ka’s Caption: “Man Down”

See more of Ka’s street snapshots here.

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