Kanye West x Margiela x Grant Wood . . . Sort of

Hypebeast Panty Creamer – Kanye x Margiela x Grant Wood.

It appears that Kanye West has aligned himself with American Classic painter, Grant Wood (1981-1942), in a collaboration that spans generations and artistic disciplines. A collab sure to set ablaze the world of Yeezy-lytes and artworld name droppers alike! Well, kind of. The image below is actually a Photoshop project by boutique LACE567 in a possible attempt to capitalize off of Yeezymania. I mean someone bought the Red Octobers and you’re gonna need a shirt to capture the ambiance of your fit (streetwear rule No. 4080: Your shoes match your shirt? That’s wavy).

Kanye West and Grant Wood

The visual mashup, titled AmeriKKKan Gothic, is a fusion of the Grant Wood classic “American Gothic” and those Margiela masks that rose to prominence from the Yeezy tour. A snapshot of the American Midwest, around the beginning of a period that would come to be known as the “Dustbowl” or “Dirty Thirties”, Wood’s piece serves as this work’s main point of reference. However, the interesting thing about Wood’s painting is that the Gothic reference speaks to characteristics of the home found in the background of the piece while the LACE567 re-appropriation is in direct reference to Kanye’s current aesthetic.

AmeriKKKan Gothic

Grant’s subjects were actually models chosen to play the role of a farmer and his unmarried daughter. Is LACE567 putting a veiled Yeezus and North in their place or is this commentary on an impending future for the likes of Kanye and Kim? So overwrought by fame that they’re Bound4 they’ve turned to the prairies of the Midwest for solitude but haven’t quite given up the lavish trappings of their lives of old? Who knows, but it is an interesting collage of sorts open to many interpretations. However, I will say that LACE567 is fucking up by not jacking up the price on these joints. A Yeezus x Margiela x Grant Wood tee for $35? Nah bruh make that shit 60-100 beans a piece. It’s Kanye, art, & high fashion ripping. They must be new to the game.


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