Kanye West Wireless Day 2

Kanye West Rants Some More, Plays Drake at Wireless Festival Day 2

It's official: Kanye isn't a gay fish, he's a "blowfish."

Kanye West hit London’s Wireless Festival to perform for Day 2, covering for Drake who had to pull out because of health concerns. Since this is how fans who had come to see Kanye reacted on the first day, just imagine how Drake fans felt.

It seemed like things might go OK, after Weezy kicked a few Drake jams for the eager audience: “Trophies,” “We Made It,” and “All Me.”

However, launching into another speech, Kanye started to lose his audience and the boos and jeers and general confusion ensued.

The media paint me as if I’m some sort of villain or like I’ve got a bad bone in my body. I’m really more of a porcupine or a blowfish. And the photos they always take is when that blowfish is blown up or when that porcupine is defending itself from the lies and the control and the manipulation that you deal with if you are an artist. Sometimes my only response is to go “Aaargh!”

Contrary to some early reports, however, Kanye did not disappoint with hits. According to Billboard, Kanye performed a “hit-filled, 20-song set, which opened with “Black Skinhead” and featured renditions of “Stronger,” “Runaway,” “New Slaves” and “Bound 2,” among others.” Watch his speech in full below.

Kanye West Wireless Day 2

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