Kanye West Gets Booed at London’s Wireless Festival

"Fuck my face!"

While in the United States we are pretty used to Kanye West’s rants by now, it seems that our friends in little old England are still a bit confused by Kanye West donning a bejeweled Margiela mask and talking for 20 minutes. Some booed and some are now asking for ticket refunds on Twitter, but all of this noise has got this Mass Appeal writer thinking: “What the fuck did you Limeys expect!?”

Kanye West did reveal some interesting information in this particular lecture, however. After commanding the audience to, “Fuck my face,” he quickly said, “Pause.” But Kanye also let the audience know he told Kim he was going to marry her seven years ago.

Despite the booing, some were still so excited to go and see Kanye that they snuck into the festival in a garbage bin. Well, we hope it was worth it.

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